Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Click on the Spiritual Gifts Inventory graphic on the left to download the file. Print it out, take the test, and send your results to Pastor Gordon McClure or bring it by the church office.

After taking the Spiritual Gifts Inventory above, this is your next step. The Serve Booklet is a list of our ministries and how your spiritual gift can compliment those ministries. 

If you opened your Bible and did a comparison of the words "volunteer" and "servant", you'd quickly find out that the word "servant" is used exponentially more than the word "volunteer". The reason for this is that there is no concept of volunteer in the Bible, however there are many references to us taking on the nature of a servant as Christ did. Christ Himself uses the word "serve" and "servant" many times in the New Testament.

Clearly Christ calls each of us to be servants in some manner and the Church is a great place to not only serve, but also put your Spiritual Gift into action. At Emmanuel Church, we believe the Spiritual Gifts are for today and they can greatly empower us to build up the Body of Believers. In fact, that's their primary purpose.