Discipleship at Emmanuel Church: A Great Place to Get Connected

Part of the Emmanuel Church Vision Statement is to Disciple Believers. In order to do this, we have three main avenues of connection so discipleship can be fostered in the life of a believer. All who attend Emmanuel are encouraged to join one or more of these three avenues of discipleship so that they can continue to experience God's Sanctifying Grace in a proactive way.

For more information: 

Contact Joyce Steffen at (785) 280-1258


Life Groups are 6-12 people who are doing the Christian life together in three areas: Relationships, Discipleship, and Leadership. The goal is to build relationships, encourage one another, serve, and grow in obedience and maturity through Bible study and prayer. Simply put, they live LIFE together.




Understanding and


When a Life Group is established, it's understood that the goal is to grow the group to the point that they have to multiply into a new Life Group. To achieve this, it's important that a leader and a co-leader be established. The co-leader will then be the person who launches the multiplying Life Group. This method ensures the growth and expansion of Life Groups creating more opportunities for discipleship and connectivity among our attenders.

New Life Groups will be established and meet for 6 months after which time a "chemistry assessment" will be made to determine if the LG will continue or if another combination of members is suitable. Creating the right chemistry initially in a LG helps increase the likelihood of longevity of the LG and the chances of multiplication. 


Triads are three people (all men or all women) who meet together weekly, monthly, or as scheduled to hold each other accountable for spiritual growth and transformation. The goal is to develop transparent trust in each other around the truth of God's Word. The ultimate goal would be to develop leaders who form other triads.

Adult Discipleship Groups

10am Sunday Mornings

Discipleship Classes are the teaching ministry of the church with four purposes.

  1. Reaching those that need to hear the Gospel
  2. Teaching - Guided learning that meets the needs of a specific group
  3. Winning People to Christ - Communicating the Gospel in an understandable way, motivating people to respond to Jesus
  4. Caring - Spiritual nurturing to lead all class members into maturity in Christ

We offer many small group meetings during our discipleship hour on Sunday mornings (10am) as well as off-site meetings during the week. 

  • Room 203 - Mona Koop

  • Room 205 - Scott Hill

    Discipleship Study

  • Room 202 - Jason & REbecca Stoffer

  • Room 211 - Ryan & Sarah Stirtz

    "Current Events"

  • Room 201 - SHERRY OSLAND

  • ROOM 213 - Thomas Bishop

    "Current Topics for Young Adults"

  • Room 208 - ROD OSLAND

  • CONFERENCE ROOM 1 - Joan Brackney / linda morgan

    Christian Life Series

  • Room 204 - Dan Razak


Couples Connect is a discipleship connection between a young or newly-married couple and an older, more experienced married couple, for the purpose of encouragement and spiritual growth in the marriage journey.

How do I get connected to one or more of these groups? Here's the process:

  1. Contact Joyce Steffen at (785) 280-1258 or at joycebradsteffen@gmail.com
  2. Joyce will help you assess a good place to connect for Discipleship
  3. You'll be introduced to the leader (Discipleship Class, Life Group, and/or Triad)
  4. Joyce will follow up to see how it's going.