Online Forms

  • Fill out this form to get connected with the church's administrative software: F1Go.

    Please fill one out for every family member who would like a login and password (we suggest all adults).

  • The Nehemiah Project will give those who call Emmanuel Church home, the opportunity to reach out to a family in need OUTSIDE of Emmanuel- sharing the love of Jesus Christ in a real and practical way! A family will be selected based on the nominations submitted by you and your fellow Emmanuelites. This family will be the recipient of a home updating project.

    1. Fill out a Nehemiah Project Nomination Form.
    2. Begin to imagine who you know outside of Emmanuel, that could use a little help with some home updating.
    3. Share with the family that you would like to nominate them BEFORE you nominate them.
    4. Fill out the Nomination Packet (online form OR paper copy) and turn it in by Friday, June 9, 2023.
    5. Watch, wait and pray for the Nehemiah Project Dream Team to make the selection.


  • In order to receive funds from the Emmanuel Church Missions team, we ask that you fill out this form thoroughly and to the best of your knowledge.  The Missions team meets every other month and we appreciate early requests for the scholarships, 3 months in advance would be preferred.  This form also insures that we do not miss your request, we want our church to be a missions oriented body.  We want you to be able to go into all the world with the Gospel. 

  • Please fill this form out if you'd like to check out the Neighboring Trailer. Please fill out the form no later than 1 week PRIOR to your intended use.

  • Are you experiencing issues with technology at the church (computer, tv, wifi, roku, etc.) Please fill out this form so Pastor Marc can look into the problem. 

  • MINISTRY EVENT FORM (for Emmanuel Ministry Leaders)

    This form is your one-stop-shop for planning and organizing your upcoming church event. Please plan to submit the completed form at least 2 weeks prior to the event to guarantee all requested items are available. Large church events require at least 4 weeks lead time.

  • Event Promotion Request Form (For Non-Emmanuel Ministry Leaders)

    Do you have an event that you would like the staff to consider promoting. Please fill out this digital form no less than 14 days before you want the promotion shared. (This form is for people who are NOT Emmanuel Ministry Leaders.)

  • If you intend to have an event at the church, you must fill out this digital form. Please fill it out no less than 14 days before the event. (This form is for people who are NOT Emmanuel Ministry Leaders.)

  • If you are having an event at the church and are requesting audio or video, you must fill out this form. Please fill out this digital form no less than 14 days before the event (exceptions are made in the case of a funeral.) (This form is for people who are NOT Emmanuel Ministry Leaders.)

  • Please fill out this form if you've been unable to reach a legitimate website on the Emmanuel Church wifi network. Form submission does not guarantee that a site will be unblocked, just that consideration will be given to allow this website through the filter.

  • Helping Hands fund is designed to assist people who are part of and active in the life of Emmanuel Church with unusual and large expenses that would be outside the auspices of our Home Missions (benevolence) fund. Examples might include large medical bills, large home repairs, etc. Each application is considered by the Church Board who has the final decision regarding approval and amount of distribution.